Monday, April 25, 2011

What a lucky girl I am!

It happened again the other day. I was sitting watching Sebastian play his first baseball game of the season. The mom next to me strikes up a conversation and it quickly turns to our kiddos. "You have FIVE?!? Wow!" (Five is said like it is some sort of disease.) From there the conversation quickly spirals into how lucky I am. My husband says there is no luck just God's providence. I will tell you God has been very good to our family. However, what this woman (and what other people I have spoken to over the years) have considered luck is really nothing of the sort.

She says "You are so lucky to be able to stay home!"
I said, "Well, I am glad that I am able to be there for my kids, but luck had nothing to do with it. I quit a professional job and cut our income in half when I had my first son. For the first two years of his life we lived on simple meals, did not go on vacation or even to the movies or out to dinner, and wore garage sale clothes. We still have to make choices that we would not have to if I were working."

She said, "How lucky you are to be able to homeschool. I do not have the patience for it." I said, "Really? Because I do not have the patience for it either, but I try. There are some days where I sentence myself to a ten minute time out in my room to get a grip on life."

She says, "How lucky that you have such good kids!" My response was "Yes, they are pretty good, for the most part. They have been spoiled with love and attention rather than video games and expensive toys. We expect a lot from them and get it. Because we have made them our priority and been there to guide them along the way, they have not had to rely on a daycare provider or peer group to help them make choices."

That is when she stopped talking to me. Now, that I am sure was just good luck on my part. LOL.

there's always hope

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Small Successes


1.   We survived my first (and only) week of j..u..r..y..   d..u..t..y with the help of my mother and father in-law, my sister-in-law, and a few friends.  THANK YOU!

2.   We are getting back on track this week with help from my mom.  THANK YOU!

3.  We put in an offer on the house we were looking at.

Now....I am going to take a nap.....for many days straight!