Saturday, November 15, 2014


Family is so important.  We frequently remind the kids, "Look around, see your siblings?  These are the people you will know for the rest of your life.  These are the people you will call on in good times and in bad."  I have one dear friend I've known since grade school, and a couple others I've met in the last 20 years.  But my family will always be there.  I only have one sister.  And I cannot ever forsee us not talking to each other or being there for each other in times of need.

My husband and I both have families in which people won't speak to each other.  On my side of the family we have a couple instances of relatives that would not speak to each other for over 20 years.  Really.  20 years!  They were NEVER in the same place at the same time; they avoided each other.  Thankfully, both relationships were restored before they died.   FAMILY!

Today we attended the funeral for my 78 year old uncle.  He was a really strong tall man, he owned a junkyard most of his life (and yes, that junkyard dog used to terrify me!)  But he was one of the most kind and genuine men I've ever met.  His smile lit up his face.  As I was talking to my aunt today after the funeral she asked if he had ever shared his story of the moon and the cross.  [My aunt and I both married Catholics and share the same faith....while many of our relatives do not.  I think that's why she wanted to make sure to tell us this story.]  He hadn't, so she did.  He used to tell her that when someone dies to look up at the moon and you will see a cross behind it.  It means that person made it. :)  She said that once they saw a huge cross behind a moon; the cross reached all the way down to the horizon.  They figured someone very holy had died, maybe a priest of something.  Her husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer just 2 months ago and had frequent visits by the priest.  The night he died she woke up and saw the moon - with a cross behind it!  She went to check on him and saw the pillows on the bed where he lay were glowing.  It was beautiful and very comforting!  FAMILY!

My aunt (and dad) have a brother that had distanced himself from the family over 10 years ago.  My aunt frequently reached out to him sending him letters, etc. She was so sad that he wouldn't contact her.  Well, he and his family came to the funeral.  Oh that made her so happy!  FAMILY!

There was another funeral today that we were unable to attend.  A relative's husband (on my mom's side) was killed in a hunting accident.  There will be struggles.  There will be family.  I pray that their family holds fast to one another.  FAMILY!

Never underestimate the power of the FAMILY!