Sunday, May 24, 2015

Homeschool Power Time

I've been following a blog recently called Foreverforalwaysnomatterwhat.  I like many of the ideas she posts about and one in particular recently caught my attention enough to pull my blog up after a 4 month hiatus and share the info.

You should really check it out for yourself (whether you homeschool or not...this is a great idea!)
Homeschool Power Hour

In our particular situation I don't expect to get a power hour in every day....I'll be happy with 30 minutes a couple times a week!  But it got me thinking about all the little things that I have wanted to do but haven't made a priority.  We've had a few challenges (illnesses, hospitalizations, etc. ) thrown our way over the past couple years that have caused me to scale back and really focus on the basics.  Well, the basics plus FLL Robotics, but that's another story :)

For our Homeschool Power Hour I intend to use:
  • Saint of the Day stickers:  Either add them to our timeline or put them on the calendar.
  • Memory verse of the month for our once a month co-op
  • Mommy It's a Renoir:  I've had it for years...
  • Memorize some poetry:  We'll start with something simple and fun and move up from there.
  • Mad Libs
  • Geography
  • Composers:  Might be something as simple as pulling out our "Mozart Lives Upstairs", etc. CDs
  • The list could go on and on....
but the point is...I intend to put these things in a basket and pull them out a couple times a week and do what we can. 

 It's better than we're doing now.....with all this stuff hiding in the back of our school cabinet!

I might even start something this summer :)