Friday, December 6, 2013

Feast of St. Nicholas

This morning started with me jumping out of bed and hour later than usual...the boots...the boots...I must check to make sure St. Nicholas filled didn't forget out house this year! (our kids put boots out - maybe they want more stuff - maybe it's simply cold and the shoes are put away).  While outside, the door opened and our 8 year old asked what I was doing.  ahhhhh just checking to make sure there weren't any gifts left that needed to be taken in out of the cold (I think it was -6 F here this morning).  That seemed to suffice, and she suggested we take everyone's in.

Two years ago my husband and I had a 3 day stay at the hospital with our 5 day old baby.  We were gone on Dec. 6.  The kids were disappointed when they realized St. Nicholas missed us.  Thankfully, our oldest (17 then) explained that since we just moved, he didn't have our new address.  Whew!  That took care of it.  And when we brought 1 week old Abigail home with us to stay on Dec. 8 - the missed gifts were forgotten.  They were smitten with their sister and happy to have life back to "normal."