Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas

I didn't forget....almost...but I didn't!

Tonight after getting nearly everyone into bed I looked at the calendar.  *gasp*  We didn't put the shoes out.  More importantly, I didn't get anything to put into the shoes!

(Tradition has it that you put your shoes outside before going to bed on Dec. 5 and the next morning St. Nicholas will have left a little surprise).

My husband and I have made last minute St. Nic runs at night but neither of us were interested this time.  But, we can't forget this year!

Last year our little Abigail was only 4 days old and being admitted to the hospital for jaundice.  We really didn't think about the day...Dec. 5.  Apparently the younger kids were a bit unsettled when they realized they forgot to put their shoes out and that St. Nicholas had skipped us. The older kids made up some plausible excuse and all was well.  They were more worried about their little sister.  (Who came home on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception - how cool!)

Well, this year they were asking me if St. Nicholas would forget us again.  How sad.  I explained that it was our first December in our new house and St. Nicholas didn't know we'd moved.  This year would be NO PROBLEM!  So....I can't screw this one up! 

I needed to find something. Fast.  My oldest daughter (who was still awake) offered her candy...though it's the same candy I have piles of leftovers from Halloween.  Then I remembered the box of miscellaneous gifts I'd purchased over the years.  Matchbox cars, very small Lego sets, Nerf darts, notepads, etc. Aha!  I found something for everyone!  There was even a board book for Abby.  I don't even remember buying that!

So...tonight I will sneak the filled boots out the back door.  And, tomorrow morning I can wake them up with the news, "St. Nicholas came, let's go see what he left for you!"  They'll run.  And then tomorrow when I'm helping my 8th and 9th graders...instead of the younger kids typical 45 minutes of a few chores and recess...they can watch the CCC movie about St. Nicholas.  Again.

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas!