Thursday, January 21, 2010

Small Successes


I think these may be my only successes this week - but that's ok. I originally thought I wouldn't have anything to say...but after thinking about it for awhile I started to feel better a wee bit better about the week. That's why we list our small successes. To remember that we did have some.

1. Our family went to visit my 85 yr old grandma on Saturday. She's in a nursing home about 1 hour away from here. It has been way too long since we visited her last. We will go back again very soon.

2. Took the younger 5 kids on walk on Sunday (older two were snowmobiling with dad and grandpa). It was supposed to be about 30 minutes. We were gone 1.5 hours. The kids were dawdling behind as I was pulling a partly sleeping Logan home in the sled. They insisted they saw something in a tree that just couldn't possibly be there. They were so excited. I relented and walked back. So, that's my success. Not so much the walk. The going back to see what made my kids really wanted to show me even though I just wanted to get Logan home before he started crying to be carried again (do you know how hard it is to carry a 25 lb. child when you are both puffy and weighed down with winter gear?!) And, if you want to see what they found....scroll down ....there's a picture just past the snow fort and snowmobiles.

3. Decluttered the basement toy area and school room. The garbage man is not going to be very happy tomorrow. But the charity truck coming to pick up the donations will be :)

8 year old Henry had a big success this week.......he had First Reconciliation and is/was very excited!


Mary said...

Go Henry!!

great job being patient with your kids. you gotta admit the puffer fish was worth it.

awesome job with the decluttering. so hard to do but so worth it.

Great week!!

ViolinMama said...

YEAH for reconciliation!!!!

And LOVE #2 - that is so hard to do!!!!! Proud of you!!!

Thanks for making my week better just by reading this! Blessings!