Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's never good to lose a planner

I frequently misplace my planner.  Well,  I really don't misplace it.  I just don't place it where it belongs.  And, since each of my kids is responsible for zoning a room each day, if it is in their area, they will put it where they think it belongs.  It's not funny when I cannot find it.  Everything is in there.  Ask me what we are having for dinner tonight and I will look in there to tell you.  If it's something that needs thawing I would have noticed that this morning right after my prayer time, then, it's out of my head.

I have a ton to do this week (which is why I am posting, right?  but I thought this was funny).

I was looking all over for it yesterday.  I knew there were things on my list that had to be done that day.  And, yes, the kids were asking what was for dinner and I really had no idea.  So, here I am quickly :) around the house searching in every room and asking everyone I see, "Do you know where my planner is?"

My 13 year son approached me and said he didn't know where it was but I was welcome to borrow his.  Hmmm....Thanks....

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