Thursday, August 18, 2011

Small Successes

Short Version this week.  For more inspiring stories click here

  1. I ordered nearly all of our schoolbooks.  Only 1-2 left to go (I forgot them :) )
  2. Created a skeleton of a school schedule for next year which will give us a greatly reduced schedule for both Dec (baby due and Christmas) and Jan (our snowmobiling month - well...maybe not me as much this year). 
  3. Admist all the chaos of moving and getting our new home liveable and our old home sellable, I finally finally finally took the time to start taking care of myself.  Swelling from this pregnancy (and probably being in the heat and not sitting much) had finally spread to make my arms and hands look almost as bad as my legs and feet.  But took my stubborn self to end up with carpal tunnel and exasperated tendonitis in my hands to make me step back and realize I wasn't being martyr, I was being stupid.  Today my swelling is finally down to a manageable point. I was sitting alone in my room one morning feeling sorry for myself because my hands hurt so bad I couldn't do anything....I pulled out my prayer book.  The page I opened to was something about sadness being "stupid" and getting me nowhere.  I needed to offer my pain up.  I've been offering it up for all the people who really have carpal tunnel...not like mine that will go away in 3-4 months, but people that have to live their lives with it, people that likely earned their livings with their hands. 
And....a little prayer plea?
My father-in-law is undergoing radiation.
My grandmother is in the hospital with another bout of UTI (causing sepsis) and pnemonia.

May God Bless your day!

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