Thursday, May 10, 2012

Small Successes

I have found Small Successes again, or should I say it kinda landed right in front of me.  Either way, I find it helpful to remember that it's the small things that count.

For more small successes click here (I have yet to figure out the link - maybe that will be next week's success)

  1. Ordered graduation invitations for our first high school graduate!
  2. Kept the kitchen island clean (well....useable) for over two weeks. 
  3. Ordered CAT tests for my 4 students required to take standardized tests. 
  4. Attended W morning Mass.  My 4 oldest attend every W (2 oldest boys are servers every W).  This meant bringing along 4 more kids.  Attending daily Mass is very hard/comical (depends on my attitude on any given day) with a little one.  It's so short all it takes is one diaper blow out, a toddler needing the bathroom, or a hungry baby to miss most of Mass and try hard to make it back for Communion.  When more than one of these happen...almost seems like the only time I am in the chapel is for Communion.  But, I think God understands what's going on.  I think the priest does too.

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LayCarmeliteInTraining said...

We are working on our invites right now. I had my act together much better the first the time around....sigh.