Saturday, September 15, 2012

This quarter's schedule

This is the general plan for our day.  We stick to it quite well.  I find that for myself and a few of my kids that hard and fast routine is what we're wired to follow.  But even for my "on the fly" personality children they like to know what is next, when they get a break, etc.  We still have a lot of doc appts and things like that squeezed in (wish I could set aside a chunk and schedule them all in that time frame - like every F afternoon or something) but that doesn't work so we do what does work. 

What this schedule doesn't show is what I can pare down on any given day.  For example, most of my kids would get their grammar books done doing them only 3 days a week.  I have them do it 5 days.  This gives us some wiggle room when something comes up - grammar can be set aside for the day to move math or reading to that spot if needed. 

Kind of a bummer it didn't format quite right.  I take great pride in making my spreadsheets pretty yet functional.  All the class names are centered, etc. (though not on the sheet below for some reason)  oh well.

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