Monday, May 6, 2013

Our kids certainly are creative

Because we couldn't drive the lawn tractor on the soft yard (we are trying to make it less bumpy), 11 year old Henry hooked the trailer up to the trike.  Their task was to pick up sticks and stones from the yard and bring them to the appropriate locations.

Abigail LOVES to ride her bike, especially after Henry made some modifications.  This bike used to have an attachment that stuck out the back so that an adult or older child could help push or stop the bike. It really didn't work all that well because steering is pretty important too!  So that piece disappeared long ago.  Henry found some PVC pipe we had in the garage (we have a small stash that they hook up to the hose in the summer to make all sorts of water play contraptions).  Now we can help 17 month old Abby to steer as well as keep her moving.

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Suzie said...

ooooh, where was that pushing the bike thing when I needed it. Genius.