Sunday, June 30, 2013

June - need I say more?

This was the year for grad parties for us!  Not sure how we did it - but we did!  We made it to most of them.  Sometimes it's just not possible (like when we got 3 invitations for the same day, same time,.  Two were near each other - the other a couple hours away...).  Our oldest graduated last year - so we are simply in that age of knowing graduates!

Throw in a family reunion, a trip to my parent's house for Anna and Nathan, a camping trip with my husband's parents for Nathan and Terese.  There were also a couple events that we really wanted to make it to but just couldn't (tried to wait out sickness...but a nasty cold took the family down...glad we didn't share it with either group!) We missed one friend's combined b-day/anniversary/graduation party as well as another friend's gathering of some great families.

Oh, and did I mention that June seemed to be the perfect time for Nathan and Henry to begin guitar lessons taught by a music major on summer break (read....very inexpensive!) ...and Henry and Wyatt to join a Lego Robotics League?  Terese attended her annual 6 day Quilt Day Camp.  Anna started teaching a writing class that meets at our home.  Catholic Vacation Bible School was a week in June.

I always laugh when people ask if we stick to the one activity per child rule...7/8 activities at a time?  I don't think so!  Each decision to join something is prayerfully considered.  This has been an off month for us.  We generally have far less than one activity per child!  But, if the activity is free or very inexpensive I am fine signing a sibling up - hey - the time commitment is already there!

How does the rest of our summer look?   In a word...peaceful :)  Guitar lessons will continue, Writing class will continue, Lego Robotics will continue, and soccer as a family will continue...I actually have blank spots on my calendar...lots of 'em!  That's my kind of summer!

I have only one child who has really been interested in sports - that helps cut down the time commitment.  We spent a lot of time driving her from point A to point B and watching the games.  It was a sacrifice, but it was worth it.  She loved it.  The other kids are all very active but none have had any interest in joining a team.  If someone else did develop a sort of "passion" for a sport - yes - we would consider it again. 

How about you?  How has your summer been?  How do you balance time spent in activities for you children vs time at home just being kids and spending time with friends and family?  Really?  Do tell.  I am curious?  Although we've been doing this for a number of years I do like to glean ideas from others!

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Anonymous said...

After much prayer and discernment, we decided that July will be our oldest daughter's last month in a full classical ballet program. She was really upset, but I feel so much better already.

Life after ballet looks like: one week of piano camp for #2, one week of violin camp for #1, fencing camp for #3, a week blank, then camping on the North Shore.

The fall looks like M-Th for school, Fridays for science, JPII, field trips. Friday afternoons we'll drive downtown and get all four music lessons on one afternoon. Beyond this, we'll try to get as many as possible in the same Front Porch Musical Theater show, then discern adding a dance class or two, and/or fall soccer. Maybe church choir too because they like it, it's free, and it gives them a chance to see homeschooling friends.

I am really looking forward to having more time at home in August rather than spend half the day driving to and from, and hanging out at ballet!

Today - I made dinner early, put it in a cooler, and we are off to the park for a few hours. The van is loaded with scooters, balls, and kites. The backyard would be fine too, but it's mosquito infested until the next time Joe has time to spray!