Thursday, November 12, 2009

Small Successes


We can get very busy as moms, and we often forget that we ARE accomplishing things.... This is the time every week to remember a few things we've accomplished. For more small successes click on the link above and visit Faith and Family (and if you aren't interested in small successes, click on the link anyway and visit the rest 0f their wonderful website!)

1. Got almost all caught up on reconciling accounts. Made very good headway anyway.

2. Set aside time on Sunday to help my dear Teresa make a dress for her doll. She did a great job and it turned out beautifully!

3. Wrote my name and phone number in my Catholic Mother's Daily Planner.
If you tend to write EVERYTHING in a planner, and take it EVERYWHERE, it's best not to lose it, I'm just sayin'. Esp. if you have 5 doc appt's w/in the next 3 weeks, some with special instructions, that you haven't transfered to the wall calendar yet.


ViolinMama said...

What an incredible week! Believe in truly help inspire those who read!

Much love!!!!

P.S. Where does one find this planner?

RealMom4Life said...

Thanks! You can find the Catholic Mother's Daily Planner at www.

I've been using one from them for years and HIGHLY recommend them!