Thursday, June 2, 2011

Small Successes

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1.  Picked out paint and flooring, helped with the prep work, and kept everything else moving around here while my dh painted our main bathroom and the wall above our staircase.  (we're still waiting on word about out potential move...and decided to get started on a few long overdue projects).

2.   I took Henry(9) on a bike ride on Sunday.  He's been asking...and asking...and asking (and I've stayed inside dealing with my dd's severe allergies).  I'm glad I did it, it really made his day.  I had a good time too.

3.  Got Elizabeth's(6) allergies mostly under control.  She has some new meds and I've adjusted the dosage timing.  She can play outside once again!  And...she is no longer feeling entirely crummy all day long.   The meds reduced her constant headaches to only 3 times a week.  Then I took her to our chiropractor and found out her tailbone was out of alignment as well.  He adjusted her, and voila! no more headaches.  Now for her throat.  That allergy throat is really no fun, and we've tried so many different things for her.  Any ideas?  I'm calling the doc on this one today.

4.  Took my 2 youngest out on some errands with me on Saturday and topped it off with a stop at Cold Stone Creamery.  Going out for ice cream only happens about once a year here, especially since more than 1/2 of our family cannot have dairy products.  I did see a Raspberry Sorbet that claimed to be dairy free though :) 

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stmonicasbridge said..., I feel for you and your daughter. I have, well, let's see we're up to four now...I don't know that this helps with throat allergies per se, but I've always been told that a teaspoon of local honey (local being the key) a day can lessen effects of allergies. I need to seriously try that considering there are several local beekeepers in my area so it won't be hard to find! Blessings for a great week! ~Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge