Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Small Successes

For more small success here!

Here are my small successes for the week! 

  1. I did not scream, I did not yell, and I did not tell him to take it back when my 9 year old came in to tell me he got a free bike.  (Hmmm...he has a bike).  He told me the neighbor was throwing away a bike and he went and asked for it.  Apparently, when Mr. Neighbor told my son he wouldn't want it because it was quite broken, Henry said that's ok, he wanted it for parts for a go-cart.  Mr. Neighbor generously gave it to him.  Do you see what I'm up against here?  I try so hard to de-clutter.  But I live with a bunch of do it yourself creative children (and their dad).  Yes, it's good they do these sort of things.  Now please excuse me while I put together a fun box of parts for his 10 year old son (just kidding).
  2. I cleaned the kitchen really well, every nook and cranny.  Ok...maybe not THAT well.  But I was pretty thorough.  Nothing like company coming to spurn that on!
  3. I have managed to keep my 6 year old in the house for the last 5 days (except the trip to and from Mass).  She has had near constant headaches for weeks.   Our pediatrician put her on a some new allergy meds and ordered her to stay indoors for a week... to make sure her headaches were caused by allergies and not something else we needed to start searching for.  Seems to be working!  We've been playing a lot of hide and seek with her little brother while the other kids get some fresh air.


Monica said...

Great week! Ahhh patience...

And (RE your post below) good luck with your parents. I saw my parents go through that with both of their parents, and know our day will come sometime. That fourth commandment is pretty far reaching. ;-D Blessings as you journey this new road.

Thanks for your comment!

SherryTex said...

Prayers for you with your folks --read the post below, and I totally get the issue of trying to stem back the tide of chaos brought by creative peoples who find and keep everything. Good luck, it gets better, it really does. And thanks for being a part of Small Successes Thursday!

munchesmom said...

Keeping a 6 yo in the house for five days is a BIG success in my book, esp. if there has been any nice weather. Hope she's feeling better!

LOL to #1...don't you just love when neighbors cast their stuff off. My 10 yo came in w/ TV once. We already have 2 & hardly use them, so why he thought we needed another was beyond me!