Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My new game and my class

My new game is trying not to buy things. Sound fun? It is! Don't believe me, do ya? Really. I am liking it.

I have started to look at what we have differently. It needs to be working for me, not me working for it - as in me dusting, washing, providing space for it without getting anything in return.

Instead of buying an organizer I had my eye on at Bed, Bath and Beyond, the bowls Gran gave me are now holding my change, earrings and the odds and ends on my dresser. The bowls are not special except for the fact that they were in my Grandmother's kitchen for years. I had hidden them away waiting for ... I am not sure what. They are not perfect way to do the job, but they work. Savings $19.99 for the organizer. As an added bonus, each morning I am reminded of my Grandmother (who is 106 years old). I call her more often now and that is priceless.

With a growing family, the spring change of clothes always requires new tubs. Not this year. Instead of buying more, I went through the old ones and borrowed out or donated the clothes, except for a few the FEW special ones I loved. I have to say, a close by friend is having her first wee one in August so it was good to know they were not going far. Savings $30 in new tubs and a entire corner of the basement cleared out.

The cardboard boxes in the basement from our last became the centerpiece of fun for a rainy, cold afternoon last week. They are now spaceships, chariots and doll carriages. Savings $40 as the alternate activity I was considering was a trip to the movies.

It is working in the kitchen too. Instead of throwing out a half baguette that was too hard to eat whole, it got a slathering of garlic butter and became croutons.

Is there anything in your home you could use differently than you do now?

And on these same lines, I am taking a home improvement class. My teacher is terrific and I am learning a ton! Today a water pipe in the basement started leaking - ugh. It is going to cost me about $60 in tools and supplies to fix. BUT that is a lot less than a $200 house call from the plumber. Wish me luck!


RealMom4Life said...

Love it!

Yes, I have so many things that could be utilized in other ways but I never think about it. I am quite good at getting rid of things though..yeah...if it's not working for me - but I am working for it - it's outa here.

Too bad your Grandma doesn't do "that blog thing" - she'd get a kick out of this. Or...she'd say...of course...we never had anything we didn't need. Maybe you should print it and send it to her. Maybe she'll take up reading the blog then :) - nah

Crunchy Momma said...

Yeah, Gram can email but the blog thing is beyond her. Which is not really a bad thing if you knew some of my relatives and some of the things they write in their blogs!