Monday, February 20, 2012

Doc appt or field trip

...or both
2 month old Abigail had another ultrasound and orthopedic surgeon consult today for her mild hip dysplasia (at this point doc thinking 95% chance she will NOT need a harness/brace!)

I decided to take the next two along.  At ages 4 and 6 they cannot work on much schoolwork without me, so they would have been playing together all morning (my 3 oldest are babysitters).  That's fine, but for some reason something urged me to make them come along.

I realized they had never been to an ultrasound before, but telling them we were heading to a doctor appointment would have been "boring".  So I told them we were going on a field trip so they could see the inside of Anna's hip :)  (and just for the record....I don't feel the need to make them want to come with me to things...they need to come just because I said so, but this was more fun)  They each took a backpack with a cookie and juice boxes.  They enjoyed it.  And, I have to admit, I did too.  I think simply calling it a field trip rather than just another doc appointment made it much more fun.

They took one look at the ultrasound screen and decided that there wasn't much to see, especially not compared to the TV playing Sesame Street (which is pretty exciting when you've only seen Sesame Street a handful of times in your life:) )

Next stop was about 30 minutes away to see the doctor. 

We played score on the way (counting yellow cars).  Here's the funny part.  Elizabeth had 3 points already, Logan and I each had zero.  I suggested we count them all together like her cousins do.  She decided that would no fun.  There's no competition in that.  But, it's harder for Logan to play so she suggested he be allowed to team up.  I started to ask Logan about it when Elizabeth interupted, "no mom, can I explain it to him please?  Logan, you get to decide who's team to be on.  I have 3 points, mom has zero.  then again really slowly...I have 3 points, mom has zero."  Yep, he chose her team.

After we arrived at the clinic we got to ride on an elevator - that was a huge hit! 

They were so excited that they didn't even mind a trip to the grocery store for milk on the way home.  Then I figured, what the heck, and threw in 2 lunchables.  This was a field trip remember!  We all had fun :)

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