Friday, February 24, 2012

Life with kids :)

Ash Wednesday:
We arrived at Mass with only a few minutes to spare.   We walked in the side door near the front.  The church was packed!  Where were 8 of us plus an infant in a carseat going to sit?!  We walked all the way to the back...and sat in the very last pew.  We sat down and Logan said he needed to use the bathroom.  So, we walked ALL the way back to the front to get to the bathroom.

Same day:
We HAD to go to the Hennepin Cty Service Center.  Abigail (10 wks) did pretty well the entire 45 minutes we waited.  I already whispered to Elizabeth and Logan that we must go when it's our turn so we'll pick up the books when we were done.  She started crying while it was out turn, by the time we were done we needed to leave.  She was quite loud.  I explained to the kids that this time it would be better if we left the piles of books they were looking at on the chairs because Anna was pretty loud and people would probably  prefer we just leave.

Abigail needed a diaper.  No changing table.  Not even a bench or chair in the hallway.  It was only wet (but Abby hates wet diapers).  And, I had grabbed the diaper bag that didn't have a pad in (does now) so the floor was NOT an option.  I did manage to change her in her carseat.  Took awhile and she wasn't happy.  I got everyone cleaned up and bundles up and Logan said he needed to go.  Maybe he thought I was too busy to tell before?!

I managed to get all the kids (except the oldesst, she was sick) out the door to Mass.  I even woke up Abby early to get her ready in hopes she would nap during Mass.  For many reasons we decided to go to a different church.  We got there and Friday Mass there. 

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