Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pretty is in the eye of the 15 mo old beholder

Today I dressed Abigail in a little red sweatshirt with a walrus cross-stitched on the front.  It is certainly not a very feminine looking shirt...and I really love dressing my little girl in pinks and purples. 

But my Grandma (RIP) cross-stitched the walrus on this shirt years ago and gave it as a gift to one of her brothers.  I just felt I owed to her to have my little Abby wear it at least once.

Abby didn't seem to really notice.  But when my husband got home she ran to meet him at the door (as usual) and pointed to that little walrus and said, "Pretty!"

I'll have to make sure to dress her in that shirt at least once more very soon so I can get a picture of her with her pretty walrus. :)

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