Tuesday, March 5, 2013

We don't take snow days....we take fun days

I remember this quote from a homeschooling dad a couple years ago.

When my kids found out that many of the area schools were closed they asked if we get a snow day too.  I asked them..."is it going to be any harder for you to get to the schoolroom? "

OK, just so you don't think I am too mean here, they did get plenty of outside time this morning shoveling!  Recess and phy ed rolled into one!  And, we have a much lighter school load today.  They will get plenty of time to shovel and play in the snow, but they did do some school work as well.

Time for two quick prayers?

My 14 year old nephew/godson hit his head a couple of weeks ago while sledding and got a concussion.  He has been out of school per doctors orders now for 2 weeks.  Yesterday he was finally cleared to return to school half days this week and returns to the doc on Monday again.  I wonder if those Monday trips are the highlight of his week?!  His first day back?  Snow day!  Oh the irony!  And Friday they have off.  I hear he is very B.O.R.E.D.

Our 15 month old Abigail returns to the orthopedic surgeon for another hip dysplasia recheck next week.  Hopefully we can ditch the nighttime brace!   She used to not care, as long as I slipped it on after she fell asleep.  But lately she is finding it very annoying.  She even squirmed out of position in it one night and woke up with the straps still attached to her but the brace doing nothing.  Talent :) 

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