Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting kids ready in the morning

I'm often asked how we get the kids up and ready in the's my secret....sssshhhh...Wild Kratts :)

School starts here at 8:00.

Kids must be up and dressed (some showered), having already eaten, AND having already done their morning chores.  If they are then they can watch Wild Kratts from 7:30 - 8:00.  If most kids aren't ready I will allow those that are to watch it on the small TV in our room. 

Do I care that my kids start the day this way?  Nope.  Unless we get a movie night in during the week that's most likely the only time it gets turned on in our house.

Though I do have one small complain.  My kids LOVED Zaboomafoo!  When the cartoon version came out (Wild Kratts) they still preferred Zaboomafoo....not anymore.  Not sure why creators of children's shows feel the need to make everything so hyped.  My kids enjoyed Zaboomafoo with all the REAL animals.  Maybe they changed it because the Kratt brothers are getting a bit older....

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Suzie said...

yeah, we miss zabamofoo too. We really liked Mr.Rogers but the new 'version' is just horrid. And after sesame street did a which one of these doesn't belong and three were pink and one was brown... lost that show too. Hate to sound 'old' but there's not a lot of good stuff on anymore