Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lesson planning with an older child listening in

It's been a busy weekend and tiring day.  Last night we celebrated our 2nd graders First Communion and had a small party afterwards.  Today I was exhausted, but had to take our oldest to the acute injury clinic.  She broke her foot in December and it is still not healed. 

So...I'm up late tonight going over lesson plans.  Since our 9th grader was still up as well I pulled him over to get his ideas (does he want to do his History over 2 days or 4?, I don't really care as long as he is prepared for our discussion on Friday, but this will save him the time or reworking some things).

Anyway, he was to start reading a small book about the atomic bomb.  My oldest overheard and said, "MOM, you aren't going to make him read that are you?!  That was horrible, I couldn't even read it past the first day, remember?!  You won't be able to get those pictures out of your mind.  Remember how you called and the STAA advisor said we could switch to a different book?"

Yes, I do remember that now.  At first I was annoyed.  It's late.  I have this planned.  I have the book.  It's already divided up over 3 weeks, etc. etc. etc.   {I don't do so well on the fly}.  But, she had a good point.  We are always talking to our kids about guarding their eyes because what you see will stay with you.  This book is about Hiroshima and it also includes information about the Holocaust.  We will discuss both.  That I think is important.  Is it important that he read THIS book?  No.  I think

So, it's late.  I don't want to put this off.  I'm scouring through my mind trying to think of what we own that might be around the same time period (and thankful that I have 2 daughters that LOVE books...meaning....we have lots and lots of used books!)  Aha!  We have one.  I go grab it off the shelf.  Problem solved.  Now I have to read it too.

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