Thursday, September 5, 2013

Homeschooling: Week 1

Strangest event:  2 kids brought me apples, 1 brought me a zucchini :)

Most life changing event:  2nd child now has his driver's license.

Sweetest event:  The elementary kids continued to work on their history long after I had called it a day.  A big thank you to Amy who lent us her History Pockets:  Ancient Greece book. 

Most inspiring event:  16 year has driven to Mass every day since getting his license, and he brings his 14 year old sister too (who rarely misses an opportunity if presented).

Most unexpected event:  On the very first day of school, my recess loving 4th grader got to recess 15 minutes late (it's only 30 minutes) because he was staying inside with me getting help on his math.  And he didn't complain one bit and was really very pleasant/fun to work with.

Most challenging event:  Our normally quite independent high-schoolers were completely thrown on the first and second day of school this year.  Brand new lesson plans, completely different from the old ones.  (Tell me again, Mom, what am I supposed to do?) They were frustrated and confused.  I thought our introductions to these plans over the past 2 weeks would have taken care of that.  It hadn't.  But by day 3 they were both on track.

Our oldest and youngest contribute in their own way.  I am very thankful that the kids are being accommodating/flexible schooling with an active 21 month old :)  And, everyone loves it when our oldest walks in their door (2nd year college commuter) and takes time to talk with them for a few minutes before heading to her room to study.

So far, so good.


Tracy said...

I was wondering if the history pockets would be a hit or miss. My kids liked them for Explorers and American History, but we ran out of time to use the Civil War set. I ordered the History Portfolios from Emmanuel Books, but they have not yet arrived. I am hoping to find some easy fun thing to spice up history!

Amy said...

I'm glad the History Pockets book was a success! I think that was my kids favorite part of studying Ancient Greece...the fun projects!

I enjoyed your synopsis of your first day...