Monday, October 14, 2013

Righstart Division

1 5 9
3 ) 4 1 7 2 7

I was trying to teach long division to Wyatt.  He usually catches on to math concepts quite quickly....but long division has been stumping him for some reason. His oldest brother (who also catches on to math quickly) suggested he skip long division and do it the Rightstart Math way. He showed him and guess what?! Wyatt caught on almost immediately! Seems long division made no sense to him because he had to perform so many steps to get something that was already in his head anyway.

So, Wyatt will stick with this method for now.  Nathan ALWAYS does division problems this way and only ran into difficulties with polynomial division...he had to learn long division first.  He did.  But he told me tonight that when his Algebra II teacher asked if everyone knew long division he was the only one in the class who didn't raise his hand (*gasp*  please tell me he didn't let her think he doesn't know how to do division problems!!!  Thankfully she was puzzled since he gets A's in math, and after talking about it with him she's decided he is doing long division but most of the work is in his head).

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Melissa said...

Can you explain the Rightstart way of doing it?