Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Grammar Grading made easy

 Automatic Diagramming

A few weeks ago I made some changes to the elementary kids' schoolwork after looking at someone's The Logic of English book.  I was close to jumping ship and switching since it seems to combine
subjects so nicely; then I slowed down and realized I could combine the programs we already use.

They were thrilled when I told them we would be combining spelling, grammar, and handwriting.  My 4th and 6th graders know cursive but don't use it unless I force them to.

They still have their spelling lessons with All About Spelling (and for review every day) but instead of me dictating sentences to them at the end of each section I am allowing them to copy them.

I have them write sentences (the number = to the grade level they are in) 3 times per week.  If they do them in cursive they can skip their handwriting.   (I've discovered this is much better anyway because it's harder to "translate" from print to cursive than it is to copy).

I also set aside their Winston Grammar workbooks books (which I do love) and have them mark these sentences with the parts of speech learned thus far.  (I use the teacher's manual to move forward and teach them something new each week.)

This is working wonderfully; it's fewer books for them to pull out and finish yet another page, and it's fewer things for me to correct.  However, the one major problem with this is that grammar  is NOT my strong suit. I am one of those mom's who really does need the answer key (or I ask one of my older kids...thankfully they have learned their grammar despite their mother's faults ;) )

Then I remembered that someone I knew posted the above link to our homeschool group awhile ago.  Excellent!!!

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