Monday, May 12, 2014

I've heard of homeschool days like today

Yesterday we had a nice Mother's Day.  We ate dinner very late and I did not make the kids clean up the house before going to bed.  AND...I did NOT jump in and do it myself (it was mother's day...) 

This morning we woke up to a mess...there was stuff everywhere. But, I decided we would NOT start school late to clean it up and each child could handle cleaning up their own zone after school.  

It was very humbling/embarrassing when the city inspector came to do the inspect the INSIDE of our house.  This is what he walked into during our school hours (and this is what he didn't know). But, maybe he didn't notice the kids; he was probably too busy navigating his way through the house.

10 yr old on the computer playing a game
 (it was his spelling list on spelling city)

14 yr old on the computer writing a letter to a friend
 (it was an assignment for Greek History on Pericles' Funeral Oration)

9 yr old cleaning her room
(she was using her time wisely while waiting for help since she'd finished all her solo work)

6 yr old cutting paper on the couch
(he and I were working on math when the doorbell rang, the assignment had to do with the shapes he was cutting out)

12 yr old cleaning the bsmt
(he, too, was using his time wisely while waiting for me)

16 yr old cleaning his room
(he was cleaning all the schoolbooks off his desk that he is no longer using)

2 yr old glued to my hip

I don't know what bothered me most:  the fact that the house was a mess, the kids didn't "look" like they were doing schoolwork, or that my immaculate kitchen counters weren't noticed because he had to watch where his feet were stepping as he walked through that room.

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northwoodsclassicalacademy said...

I think it's very odd that a city inspector came to your door - especially without calling first. We've never had one do that here. I think many of us would be caught in a similar situation if someone just showed up and asked to inspect our house. :)