Sunday, June 28, 2009

One of the weirdest dreams ever

OK - I don't normally tell people about my dreams - they are usually quite odd - like most people's dreams - but.....

I've been very very tired lately and also suffering from Insomnia (WHY CAN'T I BE TIRED AT NIGHT!). Anyway, I fell asleep on the basement couch today amidst all the noise of people playing.

I dreamt that we were all in the basement, and my husband was at work. Everyone went upstairs and I was downstairs with Logan and Elizabeth. We started to head up the stairs and I saw 2 giant spiders. I mean really giant! Their bodies were between a golf ball and tennis ball size. They were black, white, and brown and furry. Their legs were about 10 inches long. They were disgusting and freaking me out! I started screaming hysterically for Anna to come (and interestingly enough only she came).

Now, my Anna loves all things animals and bugs. She is 14 and yearns to be a vet, has praying mantids, a gecko, etc. She isn't too easily grossed out and likes to identify roadkill. Ewwww - but ya gotta love her!

Anyway, for some strange reason my motherly instinct did not kick in! I was terrified of these beastly things - I mean - wouldn't they be dangerous? So, why on earth would I want my wonderful Anna to go after them? It was weird. I was afraid, but somehow knew that she would know what to do and know if they were poisonous (which she assured me in my dream that they were not because they didn't have/did have the correct type of skull cap marking - ok probably doesn't make sense but remember - it was a dream).

Anna told me it was OK she would take them upstairs and let them loose on that level of the house! What! No WAY! What are you thinking child! So, she says she will let them loose outside. I tell her no - she must destroy the little beasts! Then I woke up.

Good thing I woke up. Anna is a wonderful child and NOT disobedient, (I don't know who made up the term terrible teen but my teen is anything but terrible) but I can only imagine she would have a very hard time with my desire for her to kill those little creatures....and I am guessing she would probably have put them in some sort of container and brought them somewhere else.

We have lots of strange pets in this house - and I am fine with it. But, we will have NO spiders, snakes, or rats! (Well, we did rat sit for my dear nephews but only because we like the nephews - not the rats - and we would do it again for them. But, if they get a snake or spider they are going to have to find other accommodations. sorry)

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Crunchy Momma said...

Hmmm, spiders in your dreams are supposed to mean good luck. (Not that I am into dream interpretation or anything.) So you must be in for some really BIG good luck.