Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer schedule

I often hear people say they cannot wait to get back to the routine of the school year. Well, we have a summer routine as well. People have asked me what our routine is so here you go. It looked alot prettier in my excel spreadsheet with all the boxes and colors and stuff. But, for anyone it is. Then throw in some day camps, VBS, etc. and it doesn't quite fit this model. Nonetheless, I find that when everyone has a loose routine then everyone is much happier! But, that's us.....

5:15 Mom pray, exercise, and shower

6:30 Kids Wake Up / Pray / Shower / Get Dressed
7:00 Breakfast and Clean-up
7:30 Mass Wed. only get home at 9
8:00 Math (except on Wed.)
8:30 Rosary Swimming lessons and piano Tues.

9:30 Free Time: Clean bedrooms Sat.
10:00 Backyard on nice days, basement on rainy days, maybe park, tennis, play with friends

11:30 Lunch / Cleanup / Daily Chores (including laundry)
12:30 Story Time
1:00 Rest Time / Reading Time (including spiritual reading)

2:00 Project Time Snack at 2:45
3:00 Mom work & Everyone else take turns watching Logan (Anna math)

4:00 Free Time

5:00 Prep for dinner / Fold laundry / Other misc chores assigned by Mom

6:00 Dinner / Clean up / Piano

7:00 Soccer M/W Clean house F Confession or movie Sat.

8:00 Bedtime Routine

9:00 Lights out

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