Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pause or X-out.

Something weird is going on here.
The other day I was helping my 5 year old do some dot-to-dots.  She stopped drawing and said, "Mom, pause."  And then she ran off to sharpen her pencil.

Today I was in the kitchen and turned off the fan over the stove.  My 8 year old was in the room and said, "Mom, why did you X out?"  (He had the timer going for something and thought I had turned that off).

We are WAY past the point of kids being able to figure out the electronics before me.  AND that totally frustrates me.  During high school and college I worked in the electronics department of a retail store.  Part of my job was to hook things up.  I never understood what people thought was so different.  It was easy, intuitive, I enjoyed it (maybe that's why I pursued a mathematics major with a quantitative methods minor in college.  Now, the new stuff is intuitive to my kids, but not me. 
After college I got a job working at an insurance company as a software administrator in their marketing department.  It was my job to test software/hardware combos and write the installation programs before sending it out to the numerous salesmen (this was when Windows was just coming out, and we weren't using it, yet.).  Now, if the computer isn't doing exactly what it's supposed to do I am at a completely loss.  My dh, on the other hand, is busy taking care of all our computer needs.  If he doesn't know something he calls our brother-in-law (who, incidentally, I used to work with, we shared a cube, but that's another story).  And they can have a conversation.  He knows enough to understand.

I used to think my brain for this type of stuff was just on pause.  As the gap widens, I think I've X'd out.  But, I can change a diaper in the dark.  Now, that is talent, don't you think?

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