Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So you've had a bad day...........

That's the song I am listening to on the radio right now.  It makes me realize that today wasn't all that bad.  We've had no major health scares, not operating in the red, the kids are good kids (everybody has a bad day now and then), etc.  So, while today was frustrating.....I guess it really wasn't that bad. 

1.  Broke something on the blinds in the family room this morning.  So, on top of a gloomy weather day, we have no sunshine in that room.  And, my poor dh will have another thing to add to his to-do list.
2.  Logan and Henry have colds...and I really suspect many others are coming down with them as well (don't ask me how I know...if you're a know what I'm talking about).
3.  Kitchen needed some necessary attention first thing off the bad...I won't go into those details.
4.  Our PSEO planning stuff has become extra complicated.
5.  I rearranged chores, giving the younger ones more, forgetting someone has to show them what to do!
6.  So, the house was really a disaster this morning when a serviceman called to say he would be able to be here in 20 minutes for some measurements. 
7.  Turns out our fence broke - behind our shed where we can't see it so well.  Not good given that we've got about 4 feet of water left in the deep end of the pool.  My dh is out as we speak trying to repair it.

1.  My children are all safe and healthy (other than a little cold).
2.  We have windows/blinds...heck...we have a house.
3.  The pit pool in the backyard, plus the windy day, caused my kids to ban together and clean up the yard before their toys blew into the swamp pool.
4.  Someone is coming this week to give us an estimate on removing the pool.
5.  Anna smiled at me and said, "Tomorrow will be better".  Yes, she cheered me up a bit.  But, she has/will be gone to 5 different events over today and tomorrow.
6.  I called CrunchyMamma.  She always cheers me up.  Mostly because our lives are very similar even though 1000 miles apart.  And, she doesn't whine.
7.  Having a husband who has the tools and the knowledge for fixing things.