Thursday, May 13, 2010

Small Successes...the I am really reaching version


For more small successes click on the link above.

And, yes, I am really reaching here...I think that's when I need this the most.

  1. Made some phone calls, mailed some mail.
  2. Helped Henry and Nathan with their piano lessons.
  3. Finally made it to one of my Godson's games.  He plays Lacrosse (and hockey).  I've never seen a Lacrosse game before.  It looked like a cross between hockey, soccer, and rugby.  It was fun!

This cold week reminded me of one of my favorite youtube videos....and also reminded me of another beautiful place (greenhouse) we could go to escape the drizzly weather we've been having.........


Crunchy Momma said...

That video always makes me laugh. Mostly because I cannot believe I survived that kind of weather for all those years. Course this year we got TONS more snow than you.

I hear you on the reaching for it this week. If I had to come up with three things for this week one of them would be that I made sure the kitchen floor did not pull your socks off any more. Yeah, that bad. And of course, I HAD JUST WASHED IT!!

Maybe I will get a spare minute to call tomorrow. I mulched until after dark tonight.

The Road Scholar said...

Thank you so much for that much needed laugh. Bare Naked Ladies are one of my favorite groups and A $1M is my favorite song.

Can't wait to show the kids in the morning.