Sunday, September 5, 2010

Potty Training

After 6 other kids...I've finally learned the secret to potty training.

1.  Buy 2 giant boxes of diapers from
2.  Wait until your dryer breaks and your washer is having issues. has very good diapers prices if you are tired of filling your cart up with those boxes, and there is free shipping after spending $49...hence the TWO boxes.

Logan is the only one here who is proud to see his undies blowing in the wind.  (The rest get sent to Grandma's or along with my dd to her babysitting job).

The diapers are going to my cousin.


Little Logan is doing great - I'd say he's 90% daytime trained.  He was just ready.  We only had one other child be this successful at 2 1/2.  The rest were all 3.

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Suzie said...

I think he is so successful because he's really a little old man trapped in a little boy body :)