Thursday, September 16, 2010

Small Successes


For more small success stories click on the link above.

1.  Accepted my dh's offer to run the Monday afternoon soccer carpool and stay home Tuesday morning when I down with allergies and a sinus infection (not accepting help and pushing it probably got me to the point I was).

2.  Did NOT laugh as I was cleaning up a public bathroom floor when my 2.5 yr old, while sitting on the toilet, couldn't wait any longer for me to get a little toilet paper properly positioned.  For some odd reason I found the whole thing quite comical, but I don't want him to repeat that experience.

3.  Let 8 families into my house on T afternoon for science and art classeseven though it was embarrassingly messy.  (A sick mama has that effect on a house). Or should the success really be that I chose not to scream and bark out orders at my kids for the hour before the class so I wouldn't be as embarrassed. :)


faithonthehighwire said...

Wow, those are HUGE successes -- especially keeping your humor in the public restroom!

Have a great weekend! said...

lol at number 2!! My 2-year-old just started potty training. Yesterday I went to pick her father up after work. She hid in one of the school lockers and peed all over it!! Thankfully there was nothing in it but I must admit I did laugh when I realized what she had done.

doughraisingmom said...

I don't know if I will ever get to the point when I won't be embarrasses if company comes and the house is a mess. I would have to agree that the success is that you kept your cool with your family and just let the guests come anyway. High fives for that.

Nicole said...

Great successes. I think not barking orders in #3 is a bonus success #4!

Mary said...

Totally loved #2! Figuring out a way to laugh at any stressful situation makes your day instantly better! Great list of successes my friend! I hope the week ahead is equally grand.