Thursday, February 17, 2011

Small Successes

For more small success stories click on the link above.

  1. I took Elizabeth's and Wyatt's schoolwork to work on before they had swimming lessons (the older kids start 30 min. before them).  The big TV / chalkboard room is empty at that time of day.  We turned the TV off and  Logan drew on the chalkboard while the other two worked on their lessons.
  2. I finally replaced our waffle maker after it died about 6 months ago.  It was half price on 2/15 and we will be eating heart shaped waffles all year long :)  We like to make big batches and freeze them to pop in the toaster at a later date.
  3. I cleaned out a spot in our toy "armoire"  so that Henry would have a place to put all his rest time stuff.  His rest time spot is in the family/toy room and all the kids can read, draw, etc. They are all separated, for the most part, hence rest time near the toys.  I got tired of his perpetual pile of stuff on the floor that he simply could not put away because when rest time is finished, his little brother is sleeping in the bedroom they share.  I gave up a spot in my closet last week for Wyatt's stuff since he has rest time in my room, same thing...all the boys share a room.  I'm trying to work slowly on "point of use" type of storage.  It's a slow process due to time constraints.


    Kristi said...

    please tell me that waffle maker was discounted at Wal-Mart. I saw those the day before St. Valentines day and thought maybe they will be clearanced after the holiday:)

    Good Week!

    RealMom4Life said...

    Yep - Wal-mart!

    Mary said...

    Great week!! Heart shaped waffles all year long sound wonderful to me!

    JJ's Mom said...

    What a great week! Congrats on the successes and enjoy those waffles!