Thursday, February 10, 2011

Small Successes...and sometimes they are very very small

For more small success stories click on the link above.
  • I made some phone calls about a house we would love to have Ever find your dream home plop right in front of your eyes, and then decide that while it isn't impossible, it may not be a prudent decision to go for it?.  I am going to go buy a lottery ticket tonight though....If we are supposed to have this house then God will make that lottery ticket a winner, right?  *smile*
    • Got to daily Mass 3 times this week OK OK, so 13 yr old Nathan was serving and needed a ride.  But I got us there didn't I?
    •   Registered Anna for the ACT


    Mary said...

    Great list my friend! I wish you the best with the house lottery!

    Suzie said...

    If you win the lottery can we have your 'old' house? haha. oh wait.. no more pool. nevermind :)