Thursday, April 5, 2012

P is for Perseverance

...and for knowing when to temporarily take a break from persevering.

As I was waiting for my turn at confession last evening (I took a few breaks from the change diapers twice...and let my little one play on the floor on her blanket in the church office).  I was watching baby Abigail roll over from her back to her tummy.  She'd play a few minutes and get frustrated until I put her back.  Then she did it again.  And again.  And again.  You know how the story seems she would try to flip immediately and get frustrated.  She was tired, she needed a break.  Aha!

I've been running ragged lately between trying to homeschool, keep up on my managerial duties here (aka be the boss to my kids), pay bills, reconcile accounts, find all the important papers in the piles, etc.  Basically nothing I can really ask anyone else to do for me. I normally do all this and life is busy but just fine.  What is the difference this spring?  Aha! (again)...we've been leaving the house every week for 5-20 hours every single week for doctor appointments, college campus visits, etc.  No wonder I can't get everything done!

I decided to take a hint from my littlest.  She doesn't know when to take a break.  She needs me to step in and pick her up and move on to something else.  I realized I am expecting more of myself than I can humanly deliver.  This is temporary.  The doctors appointments should stop about the end of the school year (timely - eh?)  But, I needed a break.  We are taking a little spring break from school (other than the outside classes my kids take).  I am paying bills, etc.   Trying to get that back on track.  I also need to reassess our school situation.  I intend to keep homeschooling...into the summer.  Enough pushing to get things done.  I need to make a new plan.  We have 2 months left!  That's a lot of time!  We also have 4 doctors appointments scheduled with specialists alone! (pretty impossible to schedule those at a convenient time for our school - we take what we get!)  Hey, let's throw a few other things in too...A First Communion along with 2 classes, homework, and a practice, another doc appt, dryer repair technician returning next week, a high school graduation meeting, etc.  You get it - life! goal is no longer to finish school by the end of May.  The kids each know what they can plow through on their own and they are welcome to get those things done.  As for classes I am more involved in, as well as reading and math for my youngest.  Let's slow down and enjoy the journey together :)

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