Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V is for Vision

Elizabeth and I picked up our glasses last night (first pair for both of us).  Hers are waaaaaaaaayyyyyy cooler than mine - don't you think?


LayCarmeliteInTraining said...

I can't keep track of pseudonyms. Is Elizabeth the daughter whose vision in one eye can't be corrected? How did the second opinion turn out?

RealMom4Life said...

Hi, yep, that would be her (I have a hard time with pseudonyms as I used the last letter of their real name to begin the fake name. So...Elizabeth is my child whose name ends with an E. Well, all except for my dd in group with yours whose would end in Y. She's Terese 'cause I couldn't come up with a Y name and she has a special devotion to St. Therese.

ANYWAY...Yes, we never ended up going for the 2nd opinion. The first was quite consistent with what we've been told thus far. And, it came from a ped opthalmologist that our other glasses wearing child needed to see and was able to avoid surgery but still fix his problem.

Basically, they are correcting her vision to 100/20 in that eye. That's the best they can do. Hoping it will start it trying to see again and so far she is thrilled! She said everything isn't so blury like it is without her glasses. trying to "force" her to wear them - she is happy to see! 2 months from now we go back to see if real improvement has been made or if we need to start patching in addition to glasses.