Thursday, June 14, 2012

The graduate and the rest of us

Our oldest daughter recently graduated high school from our home school. We now have a new normal. Now her life consists of: 1. Writing many thank you notes (party was Sunday). 2. Applying for ANY job at a vet clinic, kennel, etc. 3. Continuing with her part time nanny job for a great family. 4. Filling out all kinds of college paperwork. For the rest of us...we took a couple weeks off of school. This will be the first year we have REALLY summer in...yeah..we'll go to the zoo tomorrow if you get tomorrow's work done today kind of summer school. We were thrown for a few loops this year - in the past we've managed to get done in May or June - not this year. That's OK. We are mainly working on math, reading, and journaling. It will consistent but not all consuming. We moved last fall and this is also the first year I am determined to look at the calendar at least a week ahead of time and see when my kids could invite someone over. I still hold to my "we will have one day a week with no company and I will not drive anyone anywhere rule"...for my sanity and that of my younger kids. I don't think one day a week is too much to ask. And...they are welcome to catch a ride with someone else (guessing my oldest might be getting a few requests) to a friend's house. It's interesting raising introverts and extroverts...we all have a mix don't we? Some kids that wake up and ask, "Where are we going today? Who are we going to see today?" and other kids wake up and ask, "Can't we just stay home".

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Suzie said...

cool ideas. Definatly different with temperment. my oldest just wants to be home, stay in the car if we stop somewhere, etc. Youngest just wants to get out adn be around people. I think that's why she handled the week of zoo classes the best of all of us. It was totally invigorating (sp?) for her. And the graduation party ws pretty cool eventhough it was super hot!