Thursday, June 14, 2012

Storm alert and map skills

We have a weather radio.  This time of year it goes off quite frequently simply because it's summer and also because we have it set up to notify us of alerts for neighboring counties.  This works great for me because I know the neighboring counties and approximate distances.

When our weather radio goes off a couple kids run to the kitchen to listen and then stare at me until I tell them whether or not it is something that could affect us (they know our county - but that doesn't always help). 

So, problem solved. I printed a state map off the internet complete with all the counties.  I then printed a county map complete with all the cities. 

These are now hanging near our weather radio.  When the alarm sounds they run and try to locate where the storm is and which way it's heading.  They've also learned that storms typically head northeast where we live.  I think it's given them some consolation that we don't need to panic everytime it goes off.  I also think it's giving them the tools they need to see if it is something that may be affecting later the same hour/day.

Hehe...I also plan to work on county recognition/memorization...a secret motive....

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