Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Advent!

We are trying to celebrate Advent more fully this year. I took Crunchy Momma's advice and asked the kids what traditions were important to them. These are some of the things we came up with. I know the state of our souls is more important than the activities. But I'm hoping the latter will help with the former.

Wyatt attached his tree to the bottom of the bunk above him so he could see it upon awakening.

Henry opted to put all the ornaments on his tree and color them in one day at a time.

Nathan found this for me last year. He is in charge of putting the ornaments up/helping a younger kid to do it every day.

Teresa really wanted to do a Jesse Tree this year. We did one a few years ago with paper ornaments but thought we would do something different this time. We had the earth hanging in our basement from our solar system days and the red apple is from the kids' kitchen set.

This is mine, but I share. It's a big hit! Elizabeth and Wyatt have a great time playing with figures, along with Terese, Henry, and Wyatt. My husband bought the creche and Holy Family for me for our first Christmas as husband and wife. He and Anna made that table for me years ago when she was quite young. Every year my husband and the kids buy me a new piece for my December (pre-Christmas) birthday. I also receive a piece from each of my nephew/godsons for Christmas every year. The Holy Family and Wise Men are still in the boxes. This has got to be one of the most precious THINGS I own.

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