Wednesday, December 9, 2009

New Rules for Hangman

Sebastian will be 8 next week and not really the best speller around. He was playing hangman on our electronic dictionary today. I kept hearing him say "Yes!", "Cool!" and "I won again!" I am thinking, "Wow, that is great! He must be really good at that game." After a minute I got a bit interested in what sort of words he was spelling. When I walked over, I realized Seb was trying to hang the guy as quickly as possible and was celebrating his success at doing just that.

Can I have a Q, Z, X, and U, please?

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RealMom4Life said...

HA! This is great. I am laughing and trying not to wake anyone! Remember years ago when my Anna was little and NOT a good reader...we were at the library and she was finally interested in a real book, and it was big, she looked at it for maybe 10 minutes only flippig the pages once or twice before bringing it to me to ask if we could check it out. I was feeling so proud because my homeschool daughter could read this huge book! Turns out it was ALL in German, but it had very good pictures!

Did Seb understand the goal here? At least he now knows that those 4 letters are maybe NOT used in more words (wink)