Saturday, December 12, 2009

You say "Shopping." I say "Hunting."

Yesterday was the Annual Christmas Present Hunt. Price Charming takes a day off of work, the kiddos stay with the best babysitter in the history of the world and Prince Charming and I go shopping or as I call it, hunting. I am not really a hunting fan and do not understand why some people consider this recreation. And why does it take so long? I knew what I wanted and where to find it but we were still gone nearly forever. We have a trunk full of prize packages, but I still have a list to cyber hunt. Honestly, next year, I am going to stay with the kids and send the best babysitter in the world (who also happens to be a darn good hunter as well) out with the list and the credit card.


RealMom4Life said...

ha! I think we are the only two females on the planet who don't enjoy shopping! My mom watched the kids and my dad took me on my annual Christmas shopping for my birthday gift day! See, if you lived here we could have gone together! I am 95% done!!! Hope your cyber shopping goes well. I prefer that too!

Mary said...

I LOVE the hunt!
Good luck with your cyber shopping!!!