Monday, April 19, 2010

Hijacked and Heroines

Hello all. This is not RealMom4Life. This is her daughter, the oldest one anyways. This is Anna. Ok, so that's not really my name, but on this blog it is. Plus, I like the name. It's a very nice name, don't you think?
Anyways, I'm hijacking my mom's blog. Why? I wanted to say something about heroines. Something very important that you'll all want to here. I recommend that you keep reading.

To all moms:
I've been thinking lately, and I've realized that I'm surrounded by heroines. Moms, of course. You all knew you are heroines and aren't usually recognized, I know, but I figured you'd want to hear it from someone else. Someone who's a kid (or teen) who noticed it and who is baffled, astonished, and grateful.

Now does the laundry shrink like that when I'm not looking?
How do all those baskets of clothes get folded?
How does it happen that dinner magically appears on the table?
How do you keep everything straight?
The laundry, the food, the dishes, the vacuuming, the dusting, the cleaning, the everything. Not to mention the time you spend with the kids just being there with them, even though you have things that must get done. Those nights you stay up late to finish something, yet still wake up the next morning and somehow manage to keep smiling even though you're about to fall over from exhaustion?
How do you manage to give really good advice when it is asked for and still juggle everything else?
How is it that the house is run, run smoothly, and everyone is happy because they get enough attention?

I am sure that you have graces given to you from God to help with all this. And I am sure that if your vocation wasn't really to be a mom, well, things would be harder. But somehow this all works out. Somehow, everything works.
I don't get it. I don't want it explained to me. I'd rather think of it as the mystery and miracle that it is. Admit it: you guys are amazing! And I haven't even written about half the things you do! What about the car-pooling, the driving kids to friend's houses, the rides to classes or sports? The homeschooling? What about continuing with life when you're sick? Because you know all too well that life does not slow down for you as it does for us kids when you get sick. The list goes on forever. Which is why I won't keep going, because I'd write way too long. I have a tendency to write very long things. And I do mean very long. But I won't get into that now.

Why this post? Because I've been thinking some more (I've been thinking a lot lately). I've come to the conclusion that even the best of people, even the strongest and most heroic, need someone to say "Wow. You're doin' great. Keep it up!" I know from my experience (small as it is) that this is required at times. At times you feel like giving up, right? And then someone says, "Look at you. You're so awesome." and you can keep going again.
So I figured sure, you get this from each other. You know what it's like to be a mom, and I'm guessing that you encourage your fellow moms. I hope you do :) And you probably get this from other people too.
But it most likely does not come from kids and teens. They don't usually see it. And if they see it, they don't say anything. And if they say anything, it is usually not by way of hijacking their mother's blog (which makes this post so unique). So all I'm really here to say is: Moms are AWESOME and amazing and SUPER and a lot of other good things.
See? I told you I tend to write long things. I could have this post about 3 paragraphs (or more) shorter by just telling you this. But I didn't want to. I wanted to really really 'rub it in', so to speak.
Have a wonderful day, all of you!
God bless!

Mary, Virgin Mother of God, pray for you.
St. Monica (St. Augustine's mom), St. Helen (Emperor Constantine's mom and the woman who found the Cross of Christ), and St. Gianna Molla (mom, doctor, pro-life witness) PRAY FOR THOSE MOMS! Please.

That is all for now. I am done hijacking this blog. Do remember that at least someone out there knows you're a heroine. Do remember that you're awesome.



The Road Scholar said...

Anna - beautiful post! We moms appreciate it more than you know!

(Realmom4life - you have done an awesome job and do you know how incredibly lucky you are to have Anna?)

RealMom4Life said...

Anna, that was very beautiful and very sweet. Yes, we do appreciate it more than you know.

And yes, I am incredibly lucky to have Anna. I hear so many people complainging about their "teens". Not me. I am loving the teenage years and would be thrilled to have the rest of my kids turn out to be teens like Anna.