Thursday, April 15, 2010

Small Successes - being sick version


1.  Gathered the kids to clean up the basement last Saturday. 
2.  Did NOT freak when I entered the kitchen or the laundry room this week.  The kitchen has NO available counter space - the island is loaded with mail, etc.  that the kids really don't know what to do with.  The laundry room - let's just say it looks very scary.  Normally either one of these would put me over the edge...stress me out....make me yell....even when I am sick.  But instead I was able to look at the big picture and see how much my kids have done for me this week and be thankful.  Nathan and Henry made home made soup, Terese made home made breakfast puffs.  Henry and Wyatt cleaned up the family room and folded the towels in the laundry room.  Nathan has done tons of cleaning up.  Terese has been very patient in taking care of crankish/not feeling well younger siblings.  Anna has been pretty busy and exhausted but is great about setting things aside for a few minutes to just dole out some extra hugs or get someone situated with a reallly cool activity at her desk while she's working.  And these are just the things they did to surprise me!    So, this mamma is finally (after many years) learning to appreciate the smaller things in life and realize the kitchen and laundry room will look better next week.  They always do.
3.  Managed to finish some money type stuff that HAD to be done.

OK - This is NOT a successes - but it is just kinda funny.  I took Wyatt and Logan to the grocery store yesterday morning when I was feeling somewhat human (no I was NOT trying to get people sick...but we ran out of a few essentails).  Well, I bought a couple extra things.....I watched as the items we bought went down the belt toward the cashier.  Juice, chicken nuggets, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream, ice cream bars, dairy free ice cream sandwiches, dairy free ice cream, popsicles, 8 boxes of poptarts (they were on SALE and we let the kids eat them on Sunday mornings)....I was feeling kinda like a bad mom.....Then came the ogranic milk.  I just wonder what that cashier was thinking.....LADY!  Why do you bother spending money on organic milk when you feed your kids all this junk!  You'd be better off buying non-organic milk and maybe some fruits and vegies and you'd still spend less!  But instead he was quite polite.

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Kerri said...

ugh, sorry your sick! I laugh at your grocery store story because I've had the same thing happen to me. Bet your kids were pretty pumped to unload those groceries!!!