Thursday, April 22, 2010

Small Successes....THE "and sometimes they are very small edition"

For more small success stories click on the link above.

1.  Finally went to the doc and got antibitoics for a nasty sinus infection.  The success here is that I went, finally.  Don't we moms tend to take care of our kids' medical needs but just keep thinking ours will go away.  Usually they do.  This time it didn't.  (But, I've been on 3000 mg/day of amoxcillian since Sat. and I feel GREAT!)
2.  Sent in necessary college/PSEO forms for my 10th grader.

3.  Last but not least, started my spiritual reading up again.

And, it's OK that it's a really small list.  Too busy preparing for Anna's Confirmation and Henry's First Communion.


ViolinMama said...

Small list? To me BIG! What a GREAT list. Very inspirational for me, even with a new baby due within days? weeks? Bless you for inspiring me to keep going!!

Much love!

RafaelLetso21555 said...

may the blessing be always with you!! ........................................