Thursday, June 3, 2010

Small Successes

  1. Attended our Catholic Home school Conference and didn't buy buy buy.  Instead I looked, thought, and went back for only a few items.  It was fabulous!  I came away with a lot of great ideas and intend to be posting them soon.  These are too good not to share.  A little, cooking, and lit.  Those will be my focus for awhile.
  2. Ran a zillion errands yesterday (they piled up) and did my best to keep the tone light and fun for the kids.  Spending hours and hours in the car isn't something anyone here likes to do :)
  3. Did a major 45 minute cleaning/picking up session in the basement with 5 helpers.  We made a major dent, but we still have more to go.   
BONUS:  I did not scream or reprimand one of my kids when he came in the house to show me his tar covered fingers (our street was just repaved and he thought it would be least it wasn't hot).  I simply sent him to the bathroom and said, "That was definitely not smart, good luck getting it off."  OK, I let him try for quite some time to remove it.  I did, however, offer assistance when he and his cohorts realized it wasn't working.  In case you have run into this....both WD-40 and baby oil worked.

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