Monday, June 28, 2010

Drivin' the race car

My younger kids think I'm pretty cool.  I left early this morning with a 12 passenger van and came home in a small car with words on the side, to them that means race car.  I didn't tell them it said, "Miller Chevrolet Courtesy Car", I'd rather let them think I'm cool.

It's very different from driving the 12 passenger (AKA The Bus).  This trips race car is a 2005 Buick La Sabre.  I feel like I am literally inches off the ground, it's unnerving yet fun. 
My 12 passenger is normally one of the tallest vehicles on the road (and if you are in the market for one....they don't fit in many ramps or personal garages due to the height!).  Today I was driving on of the lowest vehicles I've ever been in.  I prefer to see over, rather than under, all the cars in front of me

I expect to be exchanging vehicles later today, maybe tomorrow.  Mine is only in for a transmission flush, nothing major.  But, I have to admit, the fact that they let customers drive a loaner vehicle home for free certainly puts them at the top of my list for any needed repair work, even if it sits on the ground.


Sharon said...

You only think that is low because you never sat in our old Saturn. That was low. I felt as if I was sitting on a skateboard, especially when parking next to almost any vehicle. We now have a Ford Focus which is higher off the ground.

Anonymous said...