Thursday, July 1, 2010

Small Successes

Sometimes our successes are very very small.  That's when we need to celebrate them the most.  Cleaning my entire house top to bottom isn't necessarily a huge thing if my younger kids are gone all day.  Dusting one room can be huge if it's a very busy week.   It's been a busy week.

  1. Successfully threw a birthday party for my 7 and 9 year old boys.  It was supposed to be a water party complete with squirt guns and games to soak 'em.  The weather didn't quite co-operate.  But it still worked out.  This was a biggie.  We don't have parties every year.
  2. Surprised Therese with a trip to a movie for on her birthday.  Just Therese and her friend, Anna and her friend, and myself.
  3. Remained very very flexible this week (not a strong suit for this ultra planning mama).  We had way too many appointments (what was I thinking when I scheduled 3 well child checks (2 trips) and 1 ophthalmologist appt over 2 days.  Of course those ended up being the two days our vans needed to get in for repair....but mine was, thankfully, back in time for a chiropractor trip across town on W).
Next week will be smoother.  I've already blocked one date on the calendar next week for a mom doesn't drive anywhere and no extra kids here day.


Michelle said...

Being flexible is always I plus. I can totally relate!

Crunchy Momma said...

Sorry I was not there to be your "friend" for the movie.

Mary said...

Flexability is the key to happiness. So glad you made it through your insane week with a smile on your face.
Happy Weekend!

Anonymous said...