Thursday, July 22, 2010

Small Successes

  1. Prayed for (and received an answer!) for a dilemma.  I have a child who really wants to take part in an activity and I don't have a lot of extra time for the driving involved, yet I really feel that this is a positive thing and would like to make it work for her.  Solution:  she will compensate me for my time....with her time.  Now I am praying for a carpool.  And, I'm guessing she is too :)
  2. Gave Wyatt the watch we were saving for him for Christmas.   This kid has a fascination with time like none of my others.  All day long I was hearing things like, "Mom, it's 11:15", "Mom, it's 10 minutes to 3", "Mom, it's 9 minutes to 3", "Mom, it's 5 minutes to 3".  And...if we are in the van I hear it even more.  You might be thinking something was supposed to happen say, at 3:00?  Nope.  He just likes time and likes watching the clock change.  In fact, he has a favorite time.  It's 7:00 because he is 7.  Well, this just seemed like one those child led learning situations and we gave him the watch.  It's not digital like most of the clocks in our house.  He's learning to tell time on an analog watch and almost never takes it off.
  3. I've been allowing my kids (and a couple neighbours) to spend countless hours net fishing for all kinds of strange bugs in our "set for destruction" swimming pool.   The shallow end is empty, the water in the deep end is murky, the liner is gone, and there are plants growing from the bottom and the sides.   It's a bug lovers dream!  They have all kinds of little container along the edge of the pool filled with all kinds of interesting bugs.  AND...I let them set up yet another aquarium in our house to enjoy these things.  My only requirements were that it doesn't smell and they cannot escape. 


ViolinMama said...

A GREAT list...GREAT successes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy!!!! and Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Ewww bugs -- FUN!!!

Mary said...

Love #3! LOL! I hate bugs. You are a better mother than I. Have a great weekend.