Friday, July 9, 2010

What I enjoy most about summer

Time to sit at the computer and "play"  while my teething 2 year old sleeps on my lap.....and not feel rushed to put him down and get something else done.  (yeah, the list is huge....but this moment is fleeting...and there's always tomorrow.)

Time to relax and play.

Time to (hopefully) make 4 train quilts for our boys.  Therese and I (and Anna as time permits) will make Logan's first using the blue fabric. We need to buy more co-ordinating fabric and create a simple machine pieced design.  If it's not simple it'll be hard to get all 4 done anytime soon.  [I found a website that sells train fabric and just bought a bunch for the boys to pick from and piece together.  Wyatt is leaning towards the blacks, Nathan likes the Union Pacific signs with the routes on the background, Henry is still deciding...but I think most are in the running.  I figured with 4 quilts all that fabric is bound to get used somewhere.]